Top Forex Tips!

Facts, Fiction and Forex You may be the ideal analyst on earth and still be a terrible trader! History and scam summary The top 10 ECN brokers are run for a very long time ago and there aren't any summary for those scams.

Forex trading strategies that works

Whether as a beginner or an experienced trader if you are trapped and trying to find out forex trading strategies that work, this article comes handy. You are not alone. Many traders sometimes wonder whether to make use of swing trading, position trading, news trading, scalping or a combination of various forms of forex trading …

Learn Advanced Candlestick Analysis

Many forex traders starting out study candlestick analysis. However, what they learn is just the basics of candle analysis which involves standard pattern identification. This yields no sensible result in real-life trading. Advanced candle analysis involves much more than that that. It covers the story behind the candle.

How to discover a Reversal Trade

Price action trading strategy gives you the opportunity to engage in different types of trades including reversal trades, continuations, ranging, swing trading, trading breakouts and engage in forex scalping among other forms of trades. Reversals happen from time to time, if you can’t identify them, you will not be able to trade them. Reversals are …

Candlestick Chart Basics

Candlesticks chart patterns originated from ancient Japan. Japanese rice traders use candlestick chart partners to keep track of alterations in the price of rice. A candlestick chart is thus also referred to as Japanese candlestick chart. It is a type of financial chart that is used in the description of the change in the price …